Hi everyone, my name is

Kate Klipatskaya

I am professional photographer with 8 years experience, based in Chicago, USA.

I'm very happy to see you here and what I can tell you about myself:



• I was born in Ukraine in 1994 and I have been working as an independent, professional  photographer since the age of 19 (8 years experience)

 • Many of my clients are A-list celebrities in Ukraine, and Europe

 • I worked in Ukrainian print media such as: Elle, Touch, Gossip magazine, Oscar magazine

 • Since 2016 I have traveled and worked as a photographer in other countries such as Italy, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Georgia

 • In 2022 I moved to USA

• I think the most important things are to be flexible and communication. I have a special way to the heart of every client. 

 • I teach private lessons in my own mentor ship program where I work with students and share my knowledge and real life experiences within the photography industry.

 • We constantly strive for the most exclusive locations and unique shoots for our clients.


Let me create a photo memory for you!